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As you start to prepare for, and respond to, holiday events, there is bound to be a lot to consider. Whether you’re having your own party,...

Invitation Etiquette

As you start to prepare for, and respond to, holiday events, there is bound to be a lot to consider.
Whether you’re having your own party, or are invited to more than you can handle, we think these etiquette tips below will help you have a good time and help you avoid the chaos of the season.

1) Set an RSVP date and whether guests can bring a friend
Planing how much food and drink to have with even a small gathering is a big feat. By setting an RSVP date you know how much your event is going to cost you, and you can manage guest expectations if they miss the deadline.

2) Note the food being served, and request/submit allergy info
And speaking of food, be sure to note a theme, and ask guests if there are any allergies or special considerations to note. You don’t have to accommodate every request, but this way, if you’re planning a southern barbecue you can tell you’re vegan friend that you’re happy to have them come but would like them to bring a dish that they can eat and share (or you can let them know that this may not be the best fit for them but that you’ll keep them in mind for the next shindig).

3) Always dress for the occasion
Casual? Dressy? Costume? All white? It’s good to note the dress code for any gathering so that your guests will not feel out of place if they miss the mark, or if they’re coming to the event after work or another event. So much scrutiny is spent on what to wear, and not surprising… some guests even decline the invitation if they don’t think they have a sufficient outfit to wear.

4) Feel free to call guests who did not RSVP for a final count
Whether your event is casual or dressy, social or a milestone, guests don’t always follow the protocols and requests made in an invitation. If you’ve spoken to someone about the event they are even less likely to respond via RSVP so be sure to give a call to anyone that hasn’t responded for confirmation.

5) Don’t wait until the last minute to send or respond to invites
And as a final note, send your event invitation as soon as you know it’s happening, even if it’s just a save the date notice. The more time you give your guests to plan, the better. If you have a formal event that requires special paper invitations feel free to send an evite in the meantime until the paper invitation is ready. Let time be on your side

Planning a party takes a lot of energy but the memories you make are priceless! Follow these etiquette tips to ensure you have the best party ever (and capture the occasion with photos!)

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